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Say goodbye to the unstructured madness of endless "growth hacks"... and hello to a simple, structured framework for growth.

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You might have noticed this:

The online marketing game is changing in a BIG way—what used to work before, simply isn’t working anymore.


Facebook Ads is becoming prohibitively expensive every year and to comply with FB regulation is harder and harder, resulting in a loss of money

…content marketing and SEO are over-saturated…

…and “social sharing” is something only crazy aunt Jenny does, nowadays.

So what should a business owner do?

Chase that white rabbit down into the tactical madness of manipulative “growth hacks” and sketchy SEO tactics?

There’s no substance there. Tactical “growth hacking” tips are a fad and an illusion.

Generating explosive startup growth is hard, and you have little hope of ever building a durable growth engine until you understand what you’re doing.

Understanding is the key here.

You don't need hacks

What you need is a stronger mental model to systematize your thoughts and decision making.

Something like the Growth Stack we teach in our Growth Accelerator Program

The Growth Stack is the simplest framework to quickly understand modern growth marketing

In order to unlock explosive product growth for a startup company or high-growth venture, you need mastery over 3 different areas. Three fundamental “layers” of the growth stack:

Shall I quickly define each layer for you, so we’re on the same page?

Okay, here they are:

It’s actually an old idea — in lean startup parlance, this is called the “build-measure-learn” loop:

you have an idea

beginning of a strategy

you build it


you measure it


you learn from it

strategy, again

and the cycle repeats

But it all starts with a growth strategy…

The strategy layer: durable, scalable sources of new users are built on growth loops

Growth marketing—like anything—depends on having the right skills to execute. And it depends on data & analytics infrastructure to guide your execution.

Out of these simple ideas evolved the “6 Pillars of Growth” that you might have heard about…

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Growth Engine

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Sales Funnel

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Retention System

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Conversion Drivers

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Growth Process

The 6 Pillars of Growth

Here’s the magic:

that’s all you will ever need.

Together, these 6 pillars form the full growth stack…

Here is some feedback we received from other entrepreneurs—like yourself—that started to apply these growth concepts.

Gloria Merendino

Director at Gloria Vegan Stories

Antonio Calero

Head of marketing Services at Hootsuite & AdEspresso

Adrian Slack

CEO at Intelligent Trading Academy

Joe Sayles

Envy Digital Solutions


Founder at Friskadesk

Today, that 6-part system has turned into our flagship educational product: Growth Accelerator Program

Let me introduce you to that…

Our blockbuster growth marketing education teaches entrepreneurs how to apply systematic growth marketing… to drive traffic, users and revenue virtually on autopilot.

If you want to leverage your entrepreneurial energy to scale your companies bigger, better and faster, then this is the place to do it. You will become a confident growth practitioner, while following our exact step-by-step execution.

Growth Accelerator Program includes:

Accelerator Core

Accelerator Bonuses

Growth Accelerator Program is an intermediate & advanced education.
Each module is approximately 60-90 minutes of high-quality video lectures combined with PDF guides, worksheets, templates and other resources.

Module 0 — Mindset and Organic Strategies

Success is 20% mechanics and 80% mindset

Mental Models Principle To Apply in every situation as a Growth Practitioner /Consultant and How To Grow Organically

What you will learn?

What's your FREEDOM number

Start with your WHY

The Seven Pillars of Eudamonic Happiness

Position yourself as an authority

Organic Growth

Autopilot Organic Clients Attraction

Get your ROI back in 30 days BattlePlan

Module 1 — Growth Strategy

Where we lay out the Foundation of the Growth Loops Architecture

Struggling to acquire users effectively? Learn the basic 6-step framework to unlock virtually unlimited growth opportunities…

Marketing can be daunting and intimidating, or simple and focused. Strong growth processes help you execute with focus & clarity.

Identify your proper channel and engine (outbound, inbound or product-based). Execute coherent growth strategies as you scale.

What you will learn?

Identify the best traction channels for your business type

Understand over 25 acquisition channels that growth marketers use

How to build a coherent growth loops architecture into your product fabric

Growth process & execution velocity to breach through scaling barriers

How to leverage the “power law of channels” for fast traffic generation

Craft both inbound, outbound & product-based loops effectively

Learn to confidently drive acquisition & generate gobs of traffic

What you will learn?

Core Content: 6 videos, 64 min


3:25 min

Growth Systems

9:13 min

Process & lean

11:39 min

Growth Loops, part 1

10:41 min

Laws of Distribution

14:42 min

Growth Loops, part II

13:52 min

Bonus Content

Channels Strategy Guide




Editable Worksheet


Case study 1


Case study 2


Treasure Vault


Module 2 — Sales Funnels

Design Sales Machines that work virtually on Autopilot

Once you see the whole picture, you’ll understand intuitively where funnels fit in. Learn to think like a “funnel architect”.

Growth marketing is about building systems, rather than being a slave to your business. Learn how to take yourself out of the picture.

Fast templates that you can use over-and-over. Identify which one matches your business… and have a simple structure that you know will work.

What you will learn?

Learn the high-level funnel architectures that drive your entire growth strategy

Implement surefire strategies to reduce friction & slash acquisition costs

Use radical empathy to create emotional effects in online sales environments

Eliminate funnel blockers that destroy your online conversions and effectiveness

Use the technique of “conversational sequencing” to create hypnotic copy flow

Structure multiple content-, sales- and product-driven funnels with confidence

Learn intermediate & advanced tactics to increase funnel conversions

Multiple proven, step-by-step templates to implement for immediate results

Run efficient multi-variable testing and optimisation on all AARRR funnel metrics

What you will learn?

Core Content: 6 videos, 58 min

Radical empathy

8:09 min

Conversational sequencing

11:25 min

Funnel building process

8:52 min

Email Course Funnel

14:34 min

Freemium Funnel

9:49 min

Product Demo Funnel

14:04 min

Bonus Content

Hypnotic Sales Funnels Guide


Webinar Funnel Template


Email Course Funnel Template


Product Demo Funnel Template


Freemium Funnel Template


VIP Funnel Template


Case study 1


Case study 2


Treasure Vault


Module 3 — Growth Engines

Build Growth Engines, The Core of Your Growth Strategy...

Drive traffic & leads through growth engines. Learn step-by-step blueprints for Google ads, outbound lead gen and content-based engines.

Once you’ve seen a first growth engine, we’ll “connect the dots” and give the meta-blueprint that you can apply across any other channel.

Broken down over 5 different steps, learn everything from concepting, to A/B testing, tooling and scaling. A very practical module.

What you will learn?

Understand who is your dream client and apply the 80/20 mindset

Full meta-blueprint on how to design and architect growth engines on all channels

Learn which steps you need to take to unleash the power of outbound engines

Swipe files with effective & proven ads in virtually every startup industry

Detailed blueprints & breakdown of the complete Google Ads engine

Case studies and “behind the scenes” recordings of multiple real-world startups

Learn the three predominant blueprints for inbound and “content-based” engines

What you will learn?

Core Content: 7 videos, 71 min

Identify your dream client

60:05 min

Giving your market crack

45:05 min

Growth Engine Meta-blueprint

8:52 min

Google ads engine

14:34 min

Lead gen engine

9:49 min

Craft an irresistible offer

14:04 min

Profitability & scaling

10:01 min

Bonus Content

Google Ads Engine Guide


Tools Cheatsheet


Ads Swipe File


Treasure Vault


Module 4 — Copy & Conversions

Magic that drives sales. Learn Once — Benefit Forever

Story is the core of what drives emotions & conversions. I’ll show you how to use stories to effectively drive sales.

Structure drives everything. In fact, I use a simple set of 4 skills to consistently produce weapons-grade persuasion copy…

Avoids “writers block”, and write copy that’s twice as good, twice as fast!

What you will learn?

How to become a confident writer and write twice as good, twice as fast

Learn systematic copywriting, using proven frameworks to do the heavy lifting

Use our simple P-S-T framework for creating highly effective copy flow

Increase conversions by ethically tapping into hidden emotions and neglected pains

Craft engaging “signature stories” that drive hypnotic, soft-sell conversions

How to activate your inner salesman through mindset & story adjustments

What you will learn?

Core Content: 4 videos, 49 min

Story structure

8:09 min

Product copy

11:25 min


8:52 min

7 Figure Samurai Sword Sales Script Walkthrough

74:05 min

Bonus Content

Copywriting Guide




Peeling the Onion worksheet


Case study 1


Case study 2


Treasure Vault


Module 5 — Retention

Close Your Growth Loop — Unleash Engineered Virality...

Retention & onboarding close out your growth loops efficiently. They are the backbone of stable, durable growth.

In the end, growth relies on turning cold leads into happy power users. To strengthen retention is to strengthen growth.

Learn simple frameworks like the “Magic Moments Map” for swift & simple execution of both onboarding & retention strategies.

What you will learn?

Understand the four 2nd-order effects of retention that increase user acquisition

Properly define, measure, segment, and analyze your retention

Learn how high retention rates become structural advantage that kill competitors

Explore 7 primary onboarding strategies that drive explosive product growth

Model how retention pumps back into your growth engines & and generates traffic

Leverage high retention into explosive & automated product-based growth loops

Convert leads into brand ambassadors that recommend you to their peers

What you will learn?

Core Content: 6 videos, 67 min

Retention strategy

8:09 min

Retention matrix

11:25 min


8:52 min

Product & interface strategies

14:34 min

Educational strategies

9:49 min

Closing the loop

14:04 min

Bonus Content

Advanced Onboarding Guide


Magic Moments Map Worksheet


Case study 1


Case study 2


Treasure Vault


Module 6 — Advanced Strategy

This 'Strategic Module' Deepens Your Expertise as a Growth Strategist...

Learn intermediate & advanced growth strategies. Lead a scaling growth team with confidence.

Data & analytics become your allies. Once you’ve hit your stride, learn to increase cadence & tempo.

No matter what market, you lead growth efforts with focus & clarity of vision. Bridge high-level strategy and practical execution.

What you will learn?

Explore more sophisticated & complex growth marketing tactics and frameworks

Use simple frameworks to increase clarity and strategic focus as you scale

How to use high-tempo testing to find conversion increases fast & repeatedly

Find product/market-fit faster using our strategic framework of “Risk Roadmaps”

Learn to accelerate cycle speed for time compression and execution efficiency

Deep understanding of traction channels, growth strategies and user acquisition

“Above all”=>”become a leader/executer that can confidently lead a marketing team…”

What you will learn?

Core Content: 8 videos, 81 min

Strategy overview

8:09 min

Modelling growth loops

11:25 min

High-tempo testing

8:52 min

Risk Roadmaps, part I

14:34 min

Risk Roadmaps, part II

9:49 min

Data & Analytics

14:04 min

Branding for growth

10:01 min

Wrapping up

4:22 min

Bonus Content

Risk Roadmap Guide


Cheatsheet (x2)


Editable Worksheet


Case study


Treasure Vault


Here's what others say about us...

Paul loved how simple Growth Accelerator Program was to implement in real life:

If by the end of the course, this isn’t an obviously fantastic investment, all you have to do is let me know — up to 1 year after your purchase — and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

Plain and simple — if this isn’t awesome for you, I don’t want to keep your money.

You can watch every video and get every ounce of knowledge from me, and if at the end you don’t think we have delivered everything you were looking for, still get 100% of your money back.

I offer this, quite simply, because I know that people get results with this program.

I’ve seen it, and I know that after you see it… you’ll feel the same. And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and make this 100% risk-free for you.

Seemed like a fair solution 🙂

Let’s get this going:

Core + Bonuses

Value Breakdown:



Get Full Access

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions people ask me all the time. If you ever have any other question, you can easily reach me. Just send me an email, I'll generally get back within 24 hours:


Building Growth in your business is a scalable and save way to build your company. You’ll also learn all the skills an entrepreneur needs.

Growth Accelerator Program is an intermediate/advanced level course. It assumes you already have basic business experience. If you don’t have much previous experience, you should be ready for an aggressive learning curve.

All modules start with a quick intro to cover the basics, but then go straight to intermediate and advanced strategies and tactics. It’s not a ‘marketing for dummies’ course, by any means.

Growth Accelerator Program covers mostly intermediate and advanced level skills and strategies. The main thing you’ll learn is how you can create ‘growth systems’ such as growth engines, sales funnels and advanced onboarding flows. You then combine those into an entire ‘growth loop’, which drives engineered virality.

Besides the strategies, you learn also practical skills, such as:
How to choose the best traction channels for a startup
– Which channels to use once you hit initial scale
– How you can take a marketing campaign (maybe Google ads, or content marketing, or SEO) from ‘initial validation’ to fast scaling
– How you write hard-hitting copy that actually gets people to buy
– How you create a ‘risk roadmap’ for ultimate focus,
– How you uncover hidden benefits, that strengthen your pitch & selling proposition
– …and much, much more!

What you DON’T learn is all kind of technical skills (like advanced javascript programming), unless they are absolutely necessary.

It varies massively, but in places like the Bay Area a growth marketer with 2-3 years of experience will typically earn more than the developers he works with. Salaries range into the $120,000-150,000/year range (which is over $10,000/month), plus equity.

If you are – like me – in an area where there is less demand, you can probably earn more by working remotely. If you work for startups remotely you can probably expect to earn $70-90/hour with relative ease.

IMPORTANT: Buying this course does NOT imply that you will also automatically be entitelled to such rates.

What to expect

That really depends on the type of job you choose. Growth marketers are high in demand, so you can easily bargain an abroad position.

It is even easier if you start consulting. For me my living costs are way lower, and I earn as much as I would at home!

I got my experience mostly by working in agencies for some of the top companies in London and I’ve been lucky enough to work as a Google Ads and Fb Ads Manager with AdEspresso, Leader in Digital Advertising Technology for Scaling Strategies And Automation Tactics.

And I’ve partnered up with Dennis Yu, who has built & implemented Facebook Ads strategies for some of the biggest brands in the world, to create courses for Digital Marketing Agencies.

Then I open my own agency Doc Web Marketing where I helped a variety of clients in different industry to grow and scale their business.

So I have a very broad base of experience, but always focused on early-stage startups: getting an idea to $20-50k in monthly revenue as soon as possible.

Yes, you can. I allocate time to helping ‘my tribe’ in 1-on-1 sessions. You can always reach me by email if you need help. If you ever get really stuck with implementation, I will also help you out in 1-on-1 skype sessions.

To be clear… all 1-on-1 time has to be within reason. I normally charge $5.000+ for consulting packages, so you’ll still have to do most of the work yourself… but I’ll help you get un-stuck if you get stuck anywhere. Also my team is available at any moment, if you need it.

Yes, Growth Accelerator Program lays out an entire step-by-step blueprint for building growth loops into the fabric of your business.

You will learn everything you need to know to do this: ranging from strategy and copywriting to tactical implementation tips and sales funnel hacks.

Are we a match

Growth Accelerator Program is primarily focused on early-stage startups to scale-ups, with high-growth / high-impact ambitions.

Because the framework is quite universal, this approach works very well for both SaaS, mobile apps or eCommerce… but it works equally well for ‘traditional’ businesses, B2B startups or even non-profits.

People that buy Growth Accelerator Program, typically fall in one the following 3 buckets:

A) You’re a startup founder, and you’d like to incorporate this kind of thing into your business —You want to stop doing traditional marketing, and instead start building “growth loops”.
B) You want to start a business? Even better: We will design your company like a loop from the start!
C) You work for a startup (or as a consultant), and your team could use this kind of help. Maybe you want to sell growth marketing consultancy as a service (like I do, myself)

Growth Accelerator Program works best for people that are 100% sure they have the entrepreneurial blood going through their veins. The people that are hungry for success.

Besides that you also need to be able to dedicate at least 4-6 hours per week to your business, to see real significant growth.

There is most value if you’re an early-stage startup or young scale-up, because the content is focused on getting you to ~$15.000-25.000 in monthly revenue quickly.

If you’re already past that stage, some modules might be less interesting / relevant. If you want to work as a freelance growth consultant, you’ll find the content very valuable, too.

Products that Growth Accelerator Program works well for are:
– Software products (mobile apps, SaaS, etc.)
– eCommerce products / webshops
– Business-to-business products
– Traditional businesses… that want to expand their reach online
– Freelancers / consultants that want to work for any of the above sort of businesses

Yes, building growth loops works for Business-to-Business startup too. Other B2B companies that have benefitted massively from building growth loops in the past include:
– Hubspot
– Slack
– Salesforce
– All sorts of SaaS products…
– Half of our clients!!
– … and many, many more

While it used to be true that ‘growth hacking’ was mostly for consumer startups… that’s simply no longer true if you use growth loops to grow. It works for B2B just as well.


The price difference between the 2 packages is minimal. I did that for a reason: I want you to go in with all the bonus materials as well… because it helps you execute the strategies I lay out.

By choosing the “Core + Bonuses” we will also coach you in creating a Google Ads Engine + Funnel, in a step by step coaching call to make sure you have all you need to close your high ticket clients!

What you probably need more than anything else, is a clear step-by-step framework to execute… but also all the practical tips and tricks to make it happen.
That’s why all those bonuses are focused on helping you execute & implement:
– Over-my-shoulder tactical case study videos (13x, all in HD quality, about ~25 minutes each)
– Execution Manuals (PDF Guides, 7x)
– Worksheets
– Swipe files to copy from
– Cheatsheets – to see stuff like exactly which tools I use, etc.
– Treasure Vaults (full of additional resources)
– Personalised, 1-on-1 support from myself (over email & skype)

I think this should make it a no-brainer to buy the package with the bonuses… which is exactly what I had in mind!

PLEASE NOTE: You also get a massive, 365-days guarantee, no matter which package you buy.

My refund policy is really simple: if you don’t like the product you can just get your money back (up till 365 days after you purchase).

Within this market, it’s very common that people will offer you only a refund if you “do you homework”, or something ridiculous like that. I don’t want to do that. You can just get a refund if it’s not a good fit, no matter what the reason was.

Valid reasons for a refund include:
– You didn’t have time to go through the course, so it was a bad investment… -> money’ back
– You don’t really like the way in which I teach… -> money back
– You tried the work, you skyped with me… but it all didn’t work out -> money back
– You buy it, but the next month you’re super short on cash. You decide it was an un-wise purchase given your financial situation… -> money back.

To get a refund, you can just email me at, and I’ll take care of it myself. Because I use Gumroad, a refund takes up to 5 days to be executed and get back into your bank account.

I hope you will give Elite the ‘benefit of the doubt’ and if you ever come to regret the fact that you took a bold action… then I’ll just refund you.

There is no limit on this. You get access for life.

You also get lifetime access to future upgrades & improvements to the product. The last update I did was 2 months ago (as I write this), when I added 13 case study videos where I cover all kind of tactical nuts & bolts. This was a free update with almost 5 hours of extra free, practical video content.

That’s a question from ME, to you!
If there’s anything still bothering you in the back of your mind, I hope you send me an email at (so I can answer your specific question myself).

If there’s nothing really bothering you, but you’re just undecided…
I hope you do a quick best-case/worst-case analysis… and you’ll realise that there’s almost nothing to loose (remember that 365-day refund-for-any-reason policy?), and a great deal to gain (potentially a business doing $20,000-50,000 per month in revenue, or even more).

I hope to see you on the inside in a few minutes!

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