Ever heard the term ‘marketing is like dating’? We think it is true for so many reasons. But when you apply concepts of inbound marketing/funnel marketing to online dating specifically, it’s only then that you realise just how similar the entire process is.

We took a quick office poll to see if certain common behaviours of b2b/b2c  marketers are similar to those of the online daters in the office, findings of our comprehensive study are below.

Do you, at regular intervals:

Hope that someone sends you a message when they see your profile/Ad? [tick, tick]

Wonder about how you compare to the competition/competitors? [tick, tick]

Become more aware over time about what constitutes a good, a bad and … er, very bad fit? [tick, tick]

Try to make yourself as attractive to a good match as possible, from your looks, to your personality and even down to any status/social proof? [tick, tick]

Prefer not to waste time on time-waster and people with no respect for your … talent? [tick, tick]

Clearly, Online-dating and b2b/b2c funnels are proven to be … identical.

So, now armed with the data, we decided to take a closer look.

While online daters use Tinder, Pof or OKC, b2b marketerers use Linkedin Ads, Google Ads while b2c marketers use FB Ads (and 25+ other engines but let’s keep it simple here).

While the online daters are looking for an attractive match, the marketers are looking for high quality leads.

While online daters are using hot photos and descriptions to “attract” their matches, the marketers are using lead magnets (CLICK below to get our LIST BUILDING blueprint)

While the online daters are trying to meet in person to start dating and potentially, if you’re a good fit…get married, the marketers are trying to get the strategy call to see if you’re a good fit for working together.

At the end their both going throught the funnel in order to achieve whatever they want, dating, sale or done for/with you partnership.

And funny thing is that this is been the oldest trick of the word, and despite that there are so many “gurus” right now trying to sell this kind funnel.

You don’t need to pay for a funnel, but what could be useful it’s a compelling blueprint of lead magnets to build up your list. This could help you achieving whatever your objective is 😉

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