Here’s How Intelligent Trading Academy Skyrocketed Their Sales By 244% During the Covid-19 Pandemic

With Covid-19 having been wreaking havoc and impacting the daily lives of every single person on Earth, hundreds of thousands of businesses, especially the small-scale ones, had to put an end to their operations in 2020. It’s no secret that Covid-19 has had a humongous-sized impact on economies all across the world. While businesses were struggling to survive, a trading Academy startup “Intelligent Trading Academy” skyrocketed their sales by about 244% during this recession and Covid-19 pandemic.

Look at these metrics:

So the question is, “What in the face of the earth did they do that they are subject to such an outstanding conversion rate?”

If you are a startup owner looking forward to boosting your sales, then the tactics they applied may be just what you need to take your startup to the next level.

Let’s look at their inspiring story. 

Intelligent Trading Academy Story:

Firstly, Adrian ->, the CEO of Intelligent Trading Academy, worked hard day-and-night and implemented some of the most popular marketing tactics, yet struggled with getting sales. The startup’s conversion rate was at an all-time low and downright disappointing. One of the reasons behind this low conversion rate was that they didn’t have a well-planned marketing strategy that could point them in the right direction. Facebook & Instagram were the only platforms they were focusing on initially.

During the month of February, when Covid-19 hit, and government officials asked everyone to stay inside their homes, the Central London-based academy was forced to close their doors, which is when they started looking for a Growth Marketer. And once Adrian and his team started exploring different options, they were heavily impressed by Doc Web Marketing.

Here’s what his team had to say; mark their words; “Thank Goodness we found them.”

Check the video testimonial below where you will be able to see how outstandingly amazing Adrian’s experience has been with Doc Web Marketing.

Bruno Morris, Head of Growth at Doc Web Marketing, right from tooth to nail helped Adrian throughout the process, analyzed his previous marketing strategy, took a look at his past campaign metrics, heard out his requirements and once getting every single piece of information, revitalized the startup’s Growth Marketing Strategy.

First off, he began with creating an online funnel optimized for Google Ads.

In the past, Intelligent Trading Academy’s website’s homepage was highly-focused on selling a £2000 course, where the target audience could buy the course after clicking on the “Pay Now” button.

But once we put ourselves in their target audience’s shoes, we asked:

“Would we buy a £2000 course that we have never heard of before?”

Absolutely not!

And that’s when Bruno proposed creating a sales funnel that would take the client to the customer journey.

The first thing he did was that he created a squeeze page, which has been known to perform well with Google Ads, as per the standards set by Google and its algorithm.

Click HERE to head over to the squeeze page.

Here’s a list of reasons why it performs outstandingly well with Google Ads:

  • There are just two possible actions visitors can take on a squeeze page: Either download the Ebook or leave.
  • When one of their target customers is looking for a solution to his/her problem, let’s say the problem is figuring out “How to Learn Trading,” he/she won’t be looking forward to enrolling himself/herself to a £2000 course. Instead, he/she would be looking for some basic information first.
  • This Ebook played a major role in positioning Intelligent Trading Academy (ITA) as experts in their field. This helped boost trust and increase customer experience.

Afterwards, users were invited to join a mastermind group with this landing page.

Here the users could interact with Pro Trader, take a look at their moves, copy them and boost their profits.

And once the users joined the group, ITA started rolling out an offer to the students, where they offered the £2000 course for just £1194. This was a complete online course and included a certificate that the traders can use to kickstart their professional trading career.

And we’ve helped to sell the ITA diploma on autopilot using this funnel

This funnel helped them boost their sales by 244%, which is downright unbelievable.

All you need to do is apply the right set of tactics and harness the power of Growth Marketing to boost your sales. 

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