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This email course is designed for people that want to learn how to master growth.

Growth is the most essential part of success in start-ups.

In 15 emails I’ll try to give you the necessary tools to master growth and be able to fix the marketing of any start-up.

Wanna know how?

Well, here are the lessons that you’ll read over coming 15 days·

  1. Growth Marketing: From the era of advertisement to the era of growth
  2. System Thinking: How your business should be an automated set of systems
  3. Growth is not Hacks: The only hack for every business is a systematic strategy towards growth.
  4. Radical Empathy: How to understand your customers and make yourself want to be heard.
  5. Copywriting: Automate your sales, by learning how you can write to sell
  6. Risk Elimination: The only failproof business plan is focussed on the risks your business is taking. Learn how to focus on the right objectives to minimize your risks!
  7. Growth: Growth happens in loops. These growth loops are the foundation of your
  8. Week 2: The second week will dive deeper into the dynamics of growth. I’ll show you how you can build growth into the ‘DNA of your business’

I hope you’re as excited as I am! Enjoy the course and good luck!


Bruno “nice to meet you” Morris